Roll Down your Blinds Brisbane

Roll Down your Blinds Brisbane

Best affordable solution

With all the new modern home builds of late its no secret that some people leave the windows bare. Mainly due to budget limitations or perhaps they strongly believed that windows should be allowed to do their job of letting light in unfettered by the messiness of curtains of somewhat.

We all have at some point driven past a house with old bed sheets hanging from the windows and thought they must of run out of money (let’s be honest). Or perhaps you’ve been unlucky and driven past a home with no window coverings and seen the unspeakable – your neighbour exposed! (something that would be forever ‘awkward’!) They might be comfortable with you seeing them that way but you need to let them know that not everyone is. (Perhaps its the other way round – perhaps you are the exposed person!)

Living within a budget is fantastic but even better is knowing that Roller Blinds are a very cost effective solution with a much added BONUS of modernizing and jazzing up your home. They are very effective and simple to use and come in a million colours and styles (okay so not a million, but it does feel that way!)

What is a roller blind?


A roller blind is a rectangular swath of material attached to an aluminium tube, and mounted between two brackets. A chain pulley system or a spring mechanism rolls the fabric up and down. Automated roller blinds are available. That said, hanging cords and loops had up until recently presented a bona fide hazard in house’s with young kids however Shutterup Blinds and Shutters install a cleat with every blind and follow safety measures to avoid any risks… read more on our safety policy here.