Is Your Home’s Window Design Child-Safe?

Is Your Home’s Window Design Child-Safe?

Do you windows need a child safety checkup?
Shutterup Blinds and Shutters are fully committed to supplying and installing child safe blinds. Australian Child Safety Standards

Do Your Windows Need a Child Safety Checkup?

Preparing to welcome a new baby, raising an inquisitive toddler, or simply entertaining grandchildren – child safety is a ubiquitous concern for us all. It’s critical to ensure that your window cords, a potential strangulation hazard for children, adhere to the Australian Child Safety Standards. At Shutterup, our expert team not only affixes warning labels to all blinds but also ensures they are properly fitted with safety devices – a testament to our commitment to child safety. Hearing about the annual tragedies of children strangulated due to unsafe window cord arrangements is heart-wrenching. However, it’s preventable when necessary precautions, such as securing your blind cords with cleats (or tie down clips), are taken. Every corded blind that we install comes with these additional safety features.

In honour of keeping children safe Australia we’re sharing 5 tips to make your windows safer for kids:

Proactiveness can make all the difference in child safety. Inspect each room for curtains or blinds with loose or looped cords, especially those within children’s reach or near climbable furniture. Avoid positioning children’s furniture like cots, beds, highchairs, or playpens close to windows with accessible cords to prevent potential strangulation or injury. The same rule applies to regular furniture like sofas and chairs. Supervision is necessary in rooms with reachable curtain or blind cords due to the risk of quick accidental strangulation. Always ensure that no dangling cords are within a child’s reach as they can cause serious accidents during active play or climbing around the home.


If you have pre-existing blinds installed and unsure if your blinds are safe and meet the Australian Child Safety Standards you can simply visit this website: and find more information. Or you can call us on 1300 88 36 37. We are happy to assist where we can as we take child safety seriously.