Hybrid Plantation Shutters

Hybrid Plantation Shutters.

Hybrid Shutter Blinds mix the classic look of a traditional wood shutter with more industrially advanced materials. So what is it exactly? Put simply, a hybrid shutter is a shutter that’s part wood, part modern material. In terms of the mechanism itself, a hybrid shutter and a plantation shutter are identical. It consists of a series of louvers that you can adjust accordingly. The difference is that, while traditional plantation shutters are generally 100 percent wood, hybrid shutters combine the best part of wood and faux wood shutters. Cleverly fusing a solid timber frame with PVC blades, this progressive shutter is light in weight, preventing sag, which allows for a wider panel expanse than full PVC shutter. Hybrid shutters are widely known by the name, composite shutters. Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality can provide long-term value and help increase your home’s appreciation.

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Woodbury Plantation Shutters by Norman

Like all Norman branded shutter blinds, the Woodbury synthetic Shutters keep looking their best in any climate condition especially in Brisbane & Ipswich. They feature UV-inhibiting finishes to maintain their brilliance and are tested for high heat deflection temperature to ensure your investment is protected.

Woodbury custom made shutters are manufactured using a combination of composite materials. Formulated specifically for strength, they remain amazing lightweight and beautiful. These custom made Shutters are solid – with substantial louvres that won’t rattle. Heavy-duty structural joints create a sturdy frame built with the same precision and craftsmanship found in fine furniture.

The finishing process gives each Woodbury Shutter a classic look to match any decor. Select from custom speciality shapes, French-door cutouts, and other options to personalise your shutters and coordinate your entire home.


  • Custom Made
  • Appeal Of Wood
  • Solid Core
  • Wide-Panel
  • Won’t Chip or Crack
  • Won’t Stain;
  • Resists Moisture, Denting
  • Range of Blade Sizes
  • 21 Beautiful Colours
  • Custom Handcrafted
  • Speciality Shapes
  • Hidden Magnets
  • Structurally Superior
  • Solar Motorised Options
  • Outstanding Insulation
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee

Thermo Tec Plantation Shutters by Bayview

Thermo Tec is a market leading specifically engineered hybrid product which combines premium Basswood & Thermo 25. With the Basswood advantage of decorative and shaped framing options and the benefit of hard wearing Thermo 25 blades, making Bayview Thermo Tec one of the most versatile shutters on the market in Brisbane & Ipswich.


  • Custom Made
  • Polyresin Blades
  • Aluminium Core
  • Recyclable Material
  • Fire Retardant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mortise and tenon joints
  • 13 Paint Colours
  • vaspar -2 Pak poly paint
  • SGS tested & VOC free
  • 3 Blade Sizes
  • Outstanding Insulation Properties
  • 10 year Paint Warranty
  • 25 year Shutter Warranty
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee

We understand that customers have a wide variety of needs and budgets and that a lot goes into the decision to purchasing shutters, therefore we aim to provide a wide product range to meet each requirement, without compromising value or quality. Our design consultants have an eye for space and detail and have been in the shutter & Blind industry for over 20 plus years. All our shutters are custom built for you from scratch. We can come to you and discuss your requirements and advise you on the options and solutions available to best suit your budget. Get the wow factor in your home, arrange your free in home consultation and quote today call 1300 88 36 37.

We believe that green is not a marketing slogan but is our everyday way of doing business. From materials to the manufacturing processes involved, we have the environment and our consumers’ safety in mind.

  • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Lead-free formulation
  • Eco-friendly materials used in Normandy® shutters & blinds and Woodlore® shutters
  • CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance

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Dan’s Handy Shutter Tip

“Shutters aren’t just shutters – there’s a lot to them. With so many shutter products on the market, its important and extremely beneficial for you to do your research. Don’t get caught up in with warranty hype, most have limitations. It’s just as important you choose a company that backs their Shutter installation service. Poor installation can also lead to premature failure – will your warranty advertised by others still hold up? – Probably not. So ensure you are confident with the branded shutter you have selected as well as the company who is going to install them.”

DAN – The Blind & Shutter Man

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will purchasing and installing shutters to my home increase the value of my home?

The feedback we have received and been advised from various customers/ real estate agents / and developers has been that having modern window furnishings such as Plantation Shutters provide a beautiful finish when attempting to achieve the best price in the sale of your home.

Who will install my Shutters?

Only qualified and experienced trade staff member of ours will be installing your Shutters. All our installation work is guaranteed. After all what good is a product if it has been installed poorly.

What type of Timber are the Timber Shutters made from?

We have available a Phoenix wood and a Basswood.

What warranties do you offer with Shutters?

Most companies have been selling the PVC shutter within Brisbane for approx. 2-4 years however, they still offer a 25-year warranty…. A warranty is only as good as the company who backs it, so how can these companies offer a 25-year warranty with no history that the shutters will actually last. We are upfront with our warranties, some have a 3 year warranty (that covers every part), and we have a 20 year warranty.

Will the shutters change colour? Will they break down from the Australian UV rays? Will the shutters warp, twist?

Quite simply the answer is no. We only sell Brisbane’s finest Shutters that withheld the harsh Australian climate.

Other companies advise their shutters are made in Australia are yours?

As far as we know, there are no australian made shutter materials available. Companies may advertised Australian made, but you might realise that the materials are imported from overseas and assembled here – labelling them Australian made. What’s more important is the Shutter material itself – ensure you are purchasing a high quality shutter.

Will my shutters be custom made to fit my exact windows/doors?

Absolutely. Every shutter we make is made to fit the exact specific measurements of every window and door.

What colour shutters are available?

We have a large range of colours available to select from. When our team member visits you, they will have an array of colour samples for your viewing.

You’ll receive local, personalised service backed by a 5-star window coverings experience.

Choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the right window coverings.
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