Premium Timber Plantation Shutters in Brisbane

Timber shutters are sophisticated elegance in window furnishings, suitable to both traditional or modern homes.

Not just any shutter… They’re high end, custom, handcrafted furniture for your windows…

Brisbane’s finest custom made plantation shutters are right here. Shutterup has a range of premium internal shutter products that is both practical and beautiful and adds a sense of elegance to each room. Each shutter can be made from a large range of materials, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products. Each material type is chosen for its individual characteristics, whether it be durability, warmth, grain pattern, colour or suitability for special environments, and all materials used are of the highest quality.

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Brisbane’s best custom made Timber Plantation Shutters…

Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality can provide long-term value and help increase your home’s appreciation. Our Normandy and Sussex Timber Plantation Shutters are a timber-hardwood product made from either phoenix wood or white teak . Its is grown as a Plantation Timber. This is a quick growing timber which is readily available and the plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly ongoing supply. Timber Plantation Shutters add that classy warm quality feel to your house.

Normandy Plantation Shutters by Norman

Our Normandy Plantation Shutters/Louvers offers homeowners a solid custom hardwood shutter at an affordable price. Enhanced with more style and colour options, the world of shutter design and customization just got bigger, better and more beautiful.

The natural warmth and subtle texture of Phoenixwood, has been artfully enhanced with a contemporary array of colour & stain finishes available. Crafted by hand from premium hardwood, the Normandy shutter range is the ultimate expression of your personality and lifestyle. The lightweight nature of the Phoenixwood provides a versatile shutter product for many design and decor application.

The Normandy shutter range is available in specialty shapes and can be customised for any window, shape and size. Solid raised panel and louvre combination panels are also a great option for room dividers.

Normandy is available in a collection of specialty shapes including arches, sunbursts and French door cutouts. Every window in your home can be perfectly fitted with a Normandy Plantation Shutter. More is better with larger louvres result in a less obstructed view when the shutter is open. Included in the selection is a 114mm louvre that appeals to those who crave a room with a view and privacy too.

Sussex Plantation Shutters by Norman

Sussex is Norman’s finest shutters available. The luxurious Sussex line is nothing short of exquisite. Masterfully crafted from White Teak, Sussex Shutters are designed to beautifully compliment any window in the most distinguished style.

The finest heirloom furniture is made with quarter-sawn wood to ensure generations of durability, and so are all Sussex Shutter louvers. In quarter-sawing, the wood is harvested from logs in a way that makes it less susceptible to inherent cupping, twisting and warping. This method gives the wood remarkable strength and stability. Our wood conditioning specialists determine the humidity conditions of each customers home location. The wood for the shutter order is dried to conditions emulating that of the final installation location. Drying to the proper environmental conditions results in a more solid and beautiful shutter for years to come.

Sussex shutters are available in speciality shapes and can be customised for any window, shape and size. Sussex shutters are crafted by hand and finished with a silk smooth palette of 21 paint colours, 29 stain colours. In addition to this gloriously wide colour range, the Sussex shutters can also be custom painted in any custom colour from the Dulux Series 2 Specifier. The Sussex wood shutter range is available in Elliptical or Flat Louvres.

A well-crafted shutter closes solidly, does not have unsightly gaps, and stays that way year in and year out. The Sussex range provides a uniform appearance with a rich wood character, offering the ultimate expression of elegant window furniture design.

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Sussex & Normandy Shutter Product Features

  • Custom Made
  • 21 Gorgeous Paint Colours
  • 29 Stunning Stain Colours
  • Custom Paint Colour available
  • Range or Blade Sizes
  • Elliptical or Flat Blades/Louvres.
  • Beautiful Grain Pattern
  • Kiln dried
  • Resistance of bowing & wrapping
  • Resists splitting and warping
  • UV resistant lacquer applied
  • wood’s moisture level matched to your location
  • Excellent insulation qualities
  • Sound absorbent
  • Invisible Tilt
  • Eco friendly
  • Solar or Motorised options
  • Hidden recessed magnets
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee

Basswood Plantation Shutters by Bayview

Premium Basswood Timber does not crack or dent easily and provides the option of unlimited decorative and shaped framing options. With a comprehensive palette of stained and painted colours, the possibilities are endless. Bayview plantation shutters are synonymous with quality craftsmanship, comprehensive bespoke options and luxury with longevity. Bayview is a popular classic and premium window covering solution which remains an opulent and valuable product. Through quality craftsmanship and customisation of decorative and shaped framing options.

Product Features

  • Custom Made
  • High grade European Basswood
  • Timber FSC certified
  • Hypoallergenic and pet friendly
  • Mortise and tenon joints
  • Comprehensive shapes
  • Lightweight material
  • Vaspar -2 Pak poly paint
  • VOC free
  • Full range of paints & stains
  • Range or Blade Sizes
  • panels up to 1100mm wide
  • Outstanding insulation
  • 5 year Paint / 3 Year Stain Warranty
  • 5 year Shutter Warranty
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee

We understand that customers have a wide variety of needs and budgets and that a lot goes into the decision to purchasing shutters, therefore we aim to provide a wide product range to meet each requirement, without compromising value or quality. We will find out what your specific needs are and advise you on the options available to best suit your requirements and budget. Get the wow factor in your home, arrange your free in home consultation and quote today call 1300 88 36 37.

We believe that green is not a marketing slogan but is our everyday way of doing business. From materials to the manufacturing processes involved, we have the environment and our consumers’ safety in mind.

  • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Lead-free formulation
  • Eco-friendly materials used in Normandy® shutters & blinds and Woodlore® shutters

Dan’s Handy Shutter Tip

“Make sure your custom made Timber Plantation Shutters come from a plantation that are FSC Certified. Synthetic Shutters are considered by many to be a more stable option than timber but that’s not always the case. Ask me for more info…”

DAN – The Blind & Shutter Man

Benefits Of All Our Timber Shutters

Add a sense of natural class and quality feel to your home

Can be motorised with solar powered units allowing you to set times for opening and closing automatically.

Reduce UV rays – aiding in keeping the house inside temperature cooler in summer and warmer in winter

Easily adjust light, visibility and provide privacy 24 hours a day.

Eco friendly [Sustainable plantation timber used]

Can be fitted to any shaped window including arched, round and french door cutouts.

Large range of colours and stains available

More Blade/Louvre size options available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your answer here? Give us a call on 1300 88 36 37 or send us an email now.

Will purchasing and installing shutters to my home increase the value of my home?

The feedback we have received and been advised from various customers/ real estate agents / and developers has been that having modern window furnishings such as Plantation Shutters provide a beautiful finish when attempting to achieve the best price in the sale of your home.

Who will install my Shutters?

Only qualified and experienced trade staff member of ours will be installing your Shutters. All our installation work is guaranteed. After all what good is a product if it has been installed poorly.

What type of timber are the timber Shutters made from?

We have available a Phoenix wood and a Basswood.

What warranties do you offer with shutters?

Most companies have been selling the PVC shutter within Brisbane for approx. 2-4 years however, they still offer a 25-year warranty…. A warranty is only as good as the company who backs it, so how can these companies offer a 25-year warranty with no history that the shutters will actually last. We are upfront with our warranties, some have a 3 year warranty (that covers every part), and we have a 20 year warranty.

Will the shutters change colour? Will they break down from the Australian UV rays? Will the shutters warp, twist?

Quite simply the answer is no. We only sell Brisbane’s finest Shutters that withheld the harsh Australian climate.

Other companies advise their shutters are made in Australia are yours?

As far as we know, there are no australian made shutter materials available. Companies may advertised Australian made, but you might realise that the materials are imported from overseas and assembled here – labelling them Australian made. What’s more important is the Shutter material itself – ensure you are purchasing a high quality shutter.

Will my shutters be custom made to fit my exact windows/doors?

Absolutely. Every shutter we make is made to fit the exact specific measurements of every window and door.

What colour shutters are available?

We have a large range of colours available to select from. When our team member visits you, they will have an array of colour samples for your viewing.

You’ll receive local, personalised service backed by a 5-star window coverings experience.

Choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the right window coverings.
We take your trust seriously. Read what our customers say…